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Friday, May 23, 2008

Can't Believe....

...that it's Memorial Day weekend already. Where the heck has the time gone? We're not traveling this year. Tonight I have karate. Am helping out, since sensei is at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Stone Temple Pilots concert. Hope he brought his poncho, because it's pissing down rain! Tomorrow I'm going to the May Day Concert. Am excited, as I've not been to a real concert in ages. Sunday, we're getting together with some friends. Monday, we might be getting together with some friends, should they decide to have a party. So very low key.

....enjoy your weekend!


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I hope the weather stays nice all weekend, our pool is opening and the kids want to swim, but it is only supposed to be 74 degrees for the high today.

10:42 AM

Blogger Cheryl Lage said...

Hope it IS low key and happy!
(for us too!) Thanks for stopping by my yours!
Will be checking back often. :)

11:52 AM


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