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Thursday, December 28, 2006


.....can be best summed up by leaving your undies in your baby brother's shorts....which you borrowed because you forgot your own pj's.

....Rebecca and Judy will especially know how mortifying this is for me, since they got more of a sneak peek into my unmentionables with the "welcome home signs" they left all around my house back in October.

...I seriously don't think I've ever laughed so hard. And I do believe that somehow my undies will be back to haunt me. It is family after all. And if they can't make fun of you....then, well, who can?


Blogger nain said...

I'm not sure who it'd be more mortifying for...which brother was this? David? Poor guy, probably scarred for life...ha, just kidding!

9:40 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

My friend Dan and I traveled through South Africa years ago for a month. Our last stop was at a guy's house, Rod. Rod's maid did all our laundry for us before we left the country and flew home. In true African fashion, laundry is done and then scattered around the house to dry.

When we arrived in Indy, Dan told me "Oh yeah, you left your underwear behind so I packed it for you." I couldn't remember leaving my underwear behind, but several days later I saw Dan and he returned all "my" underwear. Only, it wasn't mine, it was Rod's! You see, South African men tend to wear tiny colorful underwear, and Dan had packed Rod's underwear and brought it home to me!

I was mortified. I had to mail it back with a note of apology. I mean, what nice guy lets a couple of college kids bunk at his place for a few nights and they steal his underwear in return. Poor Rod received the box in South Africa, thinking we had sent him a lovely thank you present, only to find his own underwear inside.

Rod now lives in Indy and we laugh at this story still,every chance we get.

I hope your brother recovers from the shock.

2:27 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

I had a friend who's panties were stuck to her from the static of the dryer and she walked into work with them attached to her pants!

I have a panty story too...tell you about it later!

Girls will be happens to all of us from time to time.

2:31 PM


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