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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Design Team Tryouts.... I got a call from the Design Team Manager from the local scrapbook store. She told me that I have to submit 1) a layout about myself (holy hell....there is no such thing for me!!); 2) a recent layout; and 3) an altered-something-or-other. No problem. I'm a little nervous, but feel confident that this day in age I can get a picture of myself. Either taken by yours truly or by Aaron. Am a little nervous about the prospect of making a layout about myself, but think that I'll manage it. There is a nice discount associated with being a member of their design team, as well as project challenges, so I'm hoping that I can get on board with them! But I'm not going to wish too hard for this, as I don't want to be ├╝ber-disappointed if I don't make it.

....the Cub Scouts are really going to be the death of me, I tell ya. Last night, we went to the monthly Pack Meeting. Not a big deal, usually, and fairly boring for a girl such as myself. Last night's meeting? A flippin' swim party! Wanting for everyone to have a fun time, I decide to pack up the whole fam damily, much to Aaron's chagrin, and get them to the meeting. The twins had fun. Collin, not being a huge fan of the water to begin with, was a little apprehensive about going. After yelling at both Aaron and Collin for their shoddy attitudes, we went to the local middle school where said swim party was taking place. It was a good time, but there were two things that made the night a bit edgy. One...the water was COOOLLLDDDD!! Two, I've lost a wee bit of weight since I last donned the old bikini, and the top was looser than I'd thought. Notsomuch fun when you have two pre-schoolers grabbing at the straps. So here I am, the only mother in the pool, and I'm nearly flashing the whole lot of boys 10 and under and their dads. Sheesh.

...Hmm....will have to get back to you on the Goo Goo Dolls invite....need more details, my dear! :)


Anonymous kari said...

Hey Steph! I know its been a while but I am still a faithful reader of your blog. Tell us more about the weight loss. Any secrets?

11:20 AM

Blogger nain said...

Let's see...I heard about it on the radio - it's Tuesday, which sucks, but I'd be willing to stay up late and work tired just to see them. It's been WAY too long since I've been to a concert. Tickets go on sale today. Oh, and it's at the Murat, I think...let me know what you think :-) No hurry...I doubt they'll sell out too soon!

12:44 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

We wondered what happened to you last night. I guess this explains it. :)

4:15 PM


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