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Friday, December 08, 2006

Happy Friday....

...I can't believe how quickly this week went by! Amazing, it is....Though, not surporising when I realized that I've been extremely busy at work. There is never a shortage of things to do. Ever. Which is good. Job security. ;)

...So a few things of note happened this week. I got a bonus. Yes. Me. The trouble-maker. The best friggin' bonus I've EVER received. Ever. Schweet.

...Collin got a few awards at school yesterday. Despite the fact that the only papers I seem to see these days have D's and F's on them, he made A/B honor roll. He has a pretty tough teacher this year, and he is like his mom and dad and is a bright, but average student. He also got an award for being an honest of the schools "Guiding Principles." I'm very proud of my little man. Who's growing up. It's scaring me.

...I started karate again on Wednesday. I messed up my neck. Not sure if the two are correlated, but I'm questioning this sudden urge to get the respect from people of having a black belt.....


Anonymous Judy said...

Don't use your Kung Fu super powers on me. But you can tell the twins, Don't mess with me. Mommy has a Black Belt! And you can threaten neighborhood brats of the need arises. Collin can say "My mo can beat up your mom." Or maybe he already says that?

Three hours till lunch. Mmmmm

8:33 AM

Blogger nain said...

yeah, you were raised with brothers only so I'm pretty sure you could beat up other moms anyway, but good for you with getting back in karate!

8:36 AM

Anonymous M@ said...

After all that trouble you caused this year and they still gave you a bonus? ;) They must have a short memory. :)

4:11 PM


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