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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


....not sure if you want the long or the short of what the last few days have been like Chez Byers, so I'll give you the short version....

1. Emailed Indiana Blood Center, and got more attention than intended. But, the message was received, because I think I will be an owner of a "Bleed Blue" t-shirt. *blush*

2. Christmas Eve went well. Lots of good food and presents with Aaron's family. Everyone was on their best behavior and we had fun.

3. Christmas morning went well...good breakfast, crazy 10 year-old who got up early and scoped his presents (was good and didn't open them, though), and crazy 3 year-old twins who slept in. Happy children with their presents, though, and we had a good time.

4. Christmas afternoon went well, aside from eating cheese and chips for lunch, as we forgot to pack it. Thank goodness for those few souls who had to work Christmas day. We went to my Gran's house, and had good food and a fun gag-gift exchange. Things were groovy....

5. Until my brother and dad had to (willingly) engage me in conversation about my bio-mom. I know that I'm partially to blame for the conversation, but if they never would have asked me about it, I would never have talked about it.

Which brings me to my revelation about the future of familial gatherings for me. I am going to stop letting myself get into conversations about the past. It's never pleasant stuff, and it's not making happy memories for my kids. I'm banning myself from these conversations. Instead, I'm going to concentrate on the here and now and what's important. Making happy memories for my children.

Easier said than done, but this is my new mission.


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