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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Design Team Tryouts, Weight Loss, and other Stuff

This is my audition for the design team for my local scrapbook store. I'm quite proud of it, and am to the point that if I do not make it, I might be a little sad. I'm not usually so proud of my work, but I am this. I think that my creative muse were the Colts, who actually pulled off a good game last night! The chipboard letters, the brads, and most of the rub-on letters are Making Memories, the flowers are by Prima, and the CS is by Hobby Lobby. Oh, the paint is by Apple Barrel. ;)

And Kari, as for my weight loss, I can attribute many things to this. In the beginning, I worked out on a very regular basis. At least three times per week. And with working out, I always always did cardio. But I also put weight lifting in there a few times a week, too. That, coupled with watching what I ate, helped me to lose my first twenty pounds. The five extra pounds that I've lost, I am managing to find over the holidays, but this is due to the stresses of starting a new job and all the lovely things that go into being a working (outside the home) mom. I'm getting used to my new life, though, so I've been eating a little more than I have. The holidays are helping me none whatsoever, too. Another thing that has helped my weight loss is getting off my happy pills. I packed on a good fifteen pounds alone, just getting on them. The other ten pounds that I put on was potty training the twins....not sure using chocolate as a motivator was such a good idea, now that I think about it. "Ooooh, Mommy's proud of's four or five M&M's....Oohh...I'm proud of me, too....I think I'll take twenty..." But getting off the happy pill has helped me to maintain weight loss. I sure as hell am not doing much else right now to lose it! I quit going to the gym when school started and only do karate once a week. Not enough to do any damage to the scale! hehe...anyway....that's that.

Today I'm going to one of our properties to get information on life insurance. Go me! It's enough life insurance to get me buried, but I want to cost-comparison how much a few extra thousand on me would be with what I'm paying now.... Fun stuff!


Anonymous Judy said...

When do you need to have all your stuff at the LSS? Do you have to make an appointment when you take things in? Good Luck!

2:58 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

need to have it at least by 12/23. though originally she said 12/20, so i'm taking it tonight.... no appointment necessary. ;)

3:21 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Good luck, it looks awesome. :)

8:46 PM

Blogger Cath said...

An amazing LO Steh, best of luck sweetheart!
And as for the weight loss, i am so hapy for you, wish i were as motivated!

1:36 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Good luck!!!!!

IT looks great!

7:01 AM


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