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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

And the Gloves Woulda Come Off, Baby! I'm really glad that I wasn't there to witness the following. For the record, I was in Cub Scout hell. I will post more on this in a bit, but first I must tell you what a champ my husband is.....

....let us set the scene. Aaron is a teacher for a local school. The PTO of said school gifts teachers with obscene amounts of money due to all the crazy-ass fundraising they do throughout the year. Teachers get to spend said money on their classrooms. (Thus, our friends, Ginny and Lucy) Aaron needs to figure out how to spend all the fat cash, so he takes the twins with him to your favorite place and mine...Target. Well, being the three year-old that he is, Griffin decides to have a full-scale melt-down in the aisles, where Aaron is looking for outdoor toys for his classroom. Screams of "Mommy..... MOOOOMMMMMYYY" no doubt fill the entire store. I'm not saying that it is pretty, but wait until you hear about the nice (ahem) customer that approached Aaron.... "He's screaming for his Mommy." she says. "Mom's five miles away, unfortunately," he says. "No seriously, you need to do something with him. He's irritating me." she says. (Wait, it gets better...) "Thank you for your parenting advice, lady, but I am doing the best I can," he says. "No seriously, you really need to do something about him. He's been screaming like that since I got in the store. It's very irritating. You need to do something about him or leave." she says. "No, YOU'RE irritating, bye-bye," he says. Oooooh...that bitch is so lucky that I wasn't around, because I believe that I would have landed my sorry ass in jail for assault after I pimp-slapped her interfering ass! Obviously she doesn't have children, and certainly was she never graced with twins. So, join me folks in some bad karma and yell "fuck you" to this lady.

....So, back to my own bit of bitching about life. Boy Scouts. You know, in my rose-colored world, there would be no pedophiles. There would be no one who would abuse anyone in any manner. But in the real world, there are many such people. Unfortunately, some of them have been within the BSA. So what do I get to teach my kid about now? You guessed it. They've made talking about such things a necessary part of being in Scouts. I suppose that all of this goes along the same lines of the sex talks that we'll be having later this year. But I wish, looking through my rose-colored glasses, that I didn't have to teach Collin about this stuff yet. Just to hang onto that innocence a little longer?? *sigh* My little man's going to grow up.... I know...


Blogger nain said...

oh my god, if I were there, I would have gone off on the stupid bitch, too. She sounds like a stupid stuipd Carmel bitch who doesn't probably pays people to act as parents for her kids and wouldn't know how to handle kids if she had to care for them herself. I commend Aaron for holding back the way that he did - that's just horrible. God dammit, I'm pissed.

9:45 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Yes, sending Bad Karma to the stupid Bitch....Bad Bad Bad Karma.

We stopped to potty somewhere on the road recently and in the men's bathroom, there are those vending machines on the wall. Well, my boys never met a vending machine they didn't like. So Noah starts asking for money for the "tickler ring". Scott absolutely refuses and tries to get Noah out of the toilet area. Noah returns to the car mad as a hornet and I have to explain what a condom is and why, although it has a very fun sounding name, it is NOT a toy for him to play with! Poor guys. Scott was embarrased and Noah was disappointed.

No one was more disappointed than me, however, that the product wasn't purchased. :) Scott could have bought ne a little gift. Womens restrooms just do't have the same great purchases to be made!

7:57 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Way to go Aaron! 3 is not really better than 2 other then the kids are a bit bigger and therefore heavier to carry out of a store. lol

We did the talk with Zach last year, it wasn't too bad. And one of those said Boy Scout pedophiles was in LGT (he didn't do anything with a scout, just had pictures of unknown kids from the internet). Scary huh? Which is exactly why my kids will not be attending any practices or meetings without me present for a long time.

8:40 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

FUCK HER! You're right in saying that she probably doesn't have any children. No parent in their right mind would go up to another parent of a tantruming toddler and say some shit like that. Griffin and Erin would have gotten their first boxing lesson right then and there in Target. Cause her ass would have been knocked the fuck out.

Now about the Boy Scouts and pedophile thing. I know it sucks to give your kid the talk about them Steph. But it truly is a good talk to have. Especially when you have children that were raised to respect adults and do what they say. Teaching them that lesson kind of slapped us right in the face didn't it??? Good luck with it, I am sure that you will do a wonderful job with it. Also, be sure to tag team with Aaron on that one. It may be more comfortable for all parties involved.

7:46 PM

Blogger Cath said...

OMFG, i would have slapped the silly bitch! Well done to Aaron on staying calm.
Good luck talking to Collin

9:01 AM


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