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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Things I know at 29 that I didn't know at 19.....

...My parents, while not being as almighty intelligent as I once thought, have intelligences of their own. These intelligences evolve over the years.

...Yes, there are very valid reasons why not everyone should have children.

...Being a parent is a mode of survival. Being a grandparent will bring a lot more fun...not that I'm wanting to rush the next, oh, say, twenty years. *wink*

...It's OK not to be perfect in EVERYTHING. Being good at several things is good enough.

...I should have not spent four years and too much money to be a German teacher. I should have diversified myself a little more.

...In retrospect, everything truly does happen for a reason. When looking back, I can see just how everything has fit together for the last twenty-nine years. But I still hate the phrase "Everything happens for a reason."

...Comfortable shoes are key.

...If you stop picking at your face, the acne will not be as bad.... honestly.

...Everyone needs good friends. I love my girlfriends, and wouldn't trade any of them. I don't mind the man friends so much, either. But there's nothing better than a good girlfriend!

...It's important to be nice to people. You never know what their situation holds. People tend to be shitty to others because they lack something within themselves. If you get to know a person, you'll understand a little bit on why they are the way they are.

...We all carry a load of shit on our back, full of all the things that aren't so cool in life. It weighs about the same, but takes on different forms. No one is truly as perfect as they might seem.


Anonymous Judy said...

You are diversified...think of all the useless stuff you learned in college. You are very knowledgeable about all sorts of paper crafts.

And girlfriends? They give better gifts than man friends.

2:22 PM

Blogger nain said...

ah, see you should have taken crappy classes like I did like "stress management" and "The Beatles" - that's diversity!

Very wise observations, by the way :-)

2:35 PM

Blogger Chris said...

Happy Birthday Chickie!!!

3:56 PM

Blogger Momma Monkey said...

Happy Birthday, Steph !!

Drop by my blog sometime and see our new baby :)

4:01 PM

Anonymous nay said...

Happy Birthday Lady.

8:42 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Happy birthday!!!!! :)

Oh btw can you teach me German? No really. :)

9:05 PM


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