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Friday, September 08, 2006

All In All Was a Pretty Nice Day... that song. *winks* I know one of my faithful followers will know this, as she and I saw her in concert a few years back....

...ANYWAY. There are days where I just want to hide, and those where I feel fairly content with life. My favorite parts of today? Eating with my old boss, who has always been first and foremost a terrific friend. We had a loooong lunch (I am sure that when my current immediate supervisor returns from being ill that I will atone for this sin! Her poor in-box was stuffed to overflowing, so I know that we're in for one helluva a week next week...*insert doom music here*), and had a huge heart-to-heart. We chatted away about everything from family dramas to things that had been bothering us for far too long. Was awesome. Love that lady, I do. And she's spoiled me into thinking that everyone should wear the rose-colored glasses that I wear and treat eachother with respect.

...My other favorite part of the day was being at home with my little family. We had great belly-laughs around the supper table (I do believe that Griffin polished off half a box of angel hair pasta...AFTER declaring that he didn't want any spaghetti...). After supper, I grabbed my camera to capture Collin and Griffin having mock light-sabre duels with whiffle bats. Griffin running after Collin growling al a Darth Vader "I am your father!" And of course, Erin, ever the pixie, skipping around the yard. She does, however, hit a ball with fairly good accuracy for a three year-old, so who knows what she's going to be like when she's older. I can't wait to find out, though I do not want the time to get away too quickly.

....The weekend plan? Boy Scouts, Boy Scouts, and more Boy Scouts. Yeah, that Scrapbooking Convention that I wanted to catch a bit of? Nope. Not happening. I'm going to don my yuckiest clothes and clean up the White River with a bunch of icky boys. Why, oh, why, did I say yes to this?? Anyone? Anyone??

...OK, my moment of pleasant reverie is gone. The twins are trying to drown eachother in the tub. Teasing. But they're splashing, so I'm going to be mopping the floor if I don't get in there. Adieu!


Anonymous Judy said...

The scrapbook convention was not so exciting. Three bucks to get to park at the Fairgrounds, five bucks to get in. And the usual scrapbook stuff. The rubber stamp show was way better. Very few stamps to be seen. Lots of paper, card stock, the usual cropper hopper storage units, a couple of B&B's for crafters.....I bought some Bazzill stuff, a Close to My Heart catalog, checked out the Stampin UP both...

9:51 PM


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