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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Good Day After All...., and Judy will laugh at me, but this was one of my best birthdays ever. Here's a little low-down on my day.

1. get up and help aaron dress the kids...snuggle little warm sleepy heads. get a card from aaron that was way hilarious.
2. go to starbucks for a venti tazo chai frappucino...get birthday call from my mother-in-law.
3. go to work and get stuff done that needed to be done.
4. set up lunch date for friday with old boss.
5. get text message from baby brother.
6. go to lunch with Judy and Rebecca....get lunch and fun gift of survival kit, pretty notebook with matching tin, and money (woot! hehe) from judy, and get a ton of fun scrapping supplies (all matching!!) from Rebecca and Stephenie.
7. badger boss into giving me work. don't get work, but get gift card to starbucks, so i might have a repeat performance of tazo chai tea frap! (of course, then insert figuring out what meal to cut out so that it doesn't wind up on my butt... hehehe)
8. dream up work for myself....get phone call from my dad and stepmom and a freaking awesome text message from Alaina!
9. go home to kidlets screaming happy birthday to me, and promises of cake that they bought.
10. dinner at Taco Bell.... yummy....
11. turtle custard pie from Ritters.... yummy....
12. choir practice.

all in all was pretty nice day.....


Blogger nain said...

aw, man, I'm hurt :-( I didn't make the list

6:56 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Next year I'm making the list! Glad you had a great birthday!

8:34 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

doh! alaina...i did this late last were supposed to go in there with my dad and stepmom calling....the "and" was to include a funny text message from you....going to change it... ;)

8:37 AM

Blogger nain said...

ha, thank you - that will be satisfactory :)

9:35 AM

Anonymous Kari said...

Happy belated bday Steph! Sounds like you had a good day! (Having problems leaving a comment! Silly blogger!)

9:51 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

If you are happy with your birthday, then I am, too. I just wish it could have been a sit down meal at a nicer restaurant, and that my presents were wrapped prettier. You forgot to say that the manager at Boston Market gave you a pretty birthday bouquet of balloons to take back to the office, tied up with dum dums to help hold them down. How sweet was that?!

1:53 PM


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