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Monday, September 04, 2006

It's Been a Long Time Comin'.... preparation for the re-ghosting of our computer, I have been copying pictures to cd....I have all the pictures downloaded that were begotten with my Sony CyberShot. The second of my digicams. Now I need to copy the pictures taken with my very first digicam, the Canon Elph something-or-other. I really prefer Canon digicams. Which is why my new one is a Canon S3IS. Am looking forward to becoming close acquaintances with it. I could have gone for the Digital Rebel, but that would have been twice as much, and perhaps going a bit too far. As it is, I think that there are additions that can be made to this camera, as far as lenses and bells and whistles go.

...But for now, back to the fiery dungeon of doing what I should have done from the start. Copying pictures to disc. Adieu!


Anonymous Judy said...

I love debt. Okay, maybe not. but where would I be without it? It's an old pal o' mine.

9:48 PM


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