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Saturday, September 02, 2006

a pretty good day...

...i got to sleep in. always a nice way to start a weekend. *thanks, aaron* i then took the twins and collin to a nearby park with judy's son. they played and played, and then i called judy, and she gave park-side delivery of mcdonalds' to the seven of us (she has two sons, remember). after we ate, we went to the park's nature center, where the kids could use the toilet and see things like live snakes and turtles. the nature center has a trail behind it, so we went down the trail until the mud puddles started appearing beneath our feet, then made a hasty retreat the way we'd come. was still fun to spend ten minutes in nature with my girlie-friend and her boys. *smiles* then judy took collin with her while i took the twins home and gave them a nap. during my kidfree time, i got a shower (see, i so know how to live it up, don't i??) and went to the grocery to get stuff for the cook-out we went to this evening. i made aaron make the guacamole (he makes some good guacamole), and i took along my favorite lofthouse cookies. if you don't know what lofthouse cookies are, you're soooo missing a wee bit of heaven on earth.

...anyway, we got collin and noah and went to this cookout out matt and nay's. was a bunch of fun. you see, aaron tends to be extremely anti-social around people he doesn't know all that well. but tonight, he actually mingled with everyone, and i believe he might have had a good time. *pats aaron on back* i'm fairly impressed with him. anyway, good food, good drinks, goog laughs. hope that we can do that again, k, guys?? :)

anyway, hope that you all are having a lovely weekend. i got kids to clean and put in bed.


Blogger nain said...

glad you had a good day! I'll give you guys a call tomorrow and see what you're up to!

11:15 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Glad you all had a good time. We'll have to do it again soon. :)

12:57 PM


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