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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hamburgers and Horseshoes.... and don't forget Puke! the weekend's festivities went as planned. We went down to my hometown and camped out on my Great-Great-Uncle's farm. It was more relaxing than I could have hoped for. Of course, traveling with toddlers or preschoolers affords little relaxation, but having plans only to be together was so very nice. We played Scrabble with my Gran. I won the first game, and really lost to her the second game, but she couldn't prove that 'vox' was a word, and didn't want to start arguements, so she put down another word. I told her to put it down, but she didn't, so I wound up winning again. (Did I tell you about my mean competitive streak??) I took a nap with Erin in the afternoon, which was glorious, especially since we were up until midnight the night before and they woke me up around 6:30 that morning. In the afternoon, I played horseshoes with my dad, Aaron, and my brother Joshua. I actually got a ringer! *pats self on back* We headed home last night, and got in at about 1:00 this morning. Thankfully, the babies slept until 9:30 or so, so we got better sleep. was a nice time for me. While Aaron stayed home with the kids and balanced the checkbook, I went shopping. Not a big clothing shopper, I usually get most of my clothes from my sister-in-law, Andrea. She likes to shop, and is very gentle with her clothes, so her hand-me-downs are always in good shape. But I don't have much in the way of professional clothing, so I had to go out and get some things. I got several things at Sears Essetials. My sister-in-law, Alaina, took some time out of studying for the bar to go with me (thanks so very much, girlie!). She was a source of ideas and support, as well as the one who held clothes for me. Did I tell you how nice she is?? Well, I'm telling you now! *winks* After I dropped her back off at home so that she could get back to studying, I went to TJ Maxx and did something I don't really like to do. Dig through the racks to find clothes. I found three more tops. Total, I might have spent $125 today, but got a dress, a pair of pants, and six tops, not to mention some new undies from Victoria's Secret. They'd so lovingly given me a coupon for a free pair, so I went to use it, thinking that the Semi-Annual Sale was going on. How very wrong I was! *whines* I have to wait a week for that. *sigh* now I'm all ready for work. Yay! I am ready for the new week to commence. Hopefully it will be easier-going than last week. But the funny thing is, is that, while I don't envy the position of my supervisors, that's the kind of busy that I like. I don't mind having a deadline. I don't mind having a ton to do. I'd rather have a ton to keep me busy. Of course, the owner came up to me and reassured me that it's NOT normally so busy, so we'll see what kinds of things I'll be doing to keep myself busy and out of trouble in a few weeks. *winks*

...oh, and what Byers family travels would be complete without catastrophe? Erin got a goose-egg on her head from Griffin and a wayward croquet mallet. And Collin takes the drama award with not only a sprained ankle, but also the flu. We were five minutes or so away from home last night when he pipes up... "Can we stop so that I can use the restroom??" My kid NEVER says this type of thing. Ever. Usually he'll go when we stop, but he's usually just fine and won't pipe up to demand that we stop. He steps out of the van and horks his poor little guts up all over the pavement. We baptized two parking lots before he was able to get in to use a toilet. I felt so badly for him. He was fine after a shower, but we were worried about him! He's been fine today, though, and has spent the entire day lounging on the sofa in his pj's.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :) Go stop by Hammer's blog and tell him how cute the ladies in his family are! ;)


Blogger nain said...

aw, shucks, you're welcome...I actually need to get out of the house today...bad moods, rainy days = Alaina stays in her room. I'm glad you got more tops, you're all set...until you decide to go shopping again :-) Talk to you guys soon!

5:09 PM

Blogger Katie said...

I'm not sure you can make it through one family trip without someone puking... Enjoy the new clothes!

10:00 AM


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