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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


....someone tell me that I'm not making a mistake? The letter is ready to be sent, save putting in the envelope and licking a stamp.

....the fear is of the unknown. when i confronted my mom at 15, i later found out that she contemplated suicide afterward....of course, this is also the same woman who chose a damn dog over so nervous about the consequences. of course, what is the worst that could happen?

....growing two. *winks*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do it.

1:37 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Ha! For once I agree with anonymous. I'm here for you no matter what the outcome.

7:53 AM

Blogger Jules said...

I think you need to find some peace. If sending the letter will give you that then go for it. You know I'm here if you need anything at all. (((hugs)))

8:49 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

My father in law attempted suicide. The guilt that follows is amazingly bad for the survivors. You can't let what she might or might not do affect you in the least. She has made her life all about HER. She has never worried about you before, you are a very kind person to worry about her and it is more than she deserves.

9:01 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Did you read about Chris' mom (big yellow house)?

If not, go to her blog and search and read about her mom.

Your mom sounds like she may be a couple fries short of a happy meal.

10:52 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Send it honey!

12:26 PM


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