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Thursday, February 02, 2006

*yawn* it friday yet? well, it's thursday, so only one more 12 hour day to live through before the weekend. i'm up to fifty mgs of the medicine that i'm on, and it's still kicking my butt. funnily enough, one of my friends is also on this medicine and told me that she can't go beyond 25 mgs because she gets so tired. i figure i'm about three inches taller than she is and several pounds heavier, so fifty ought to do me just fine after a while...i just have to get used to it.

ok off to feed the newborn.....anyone know of anyone who's looking for a daycare provider? just found out that my longest running daycare gig is coming to an end... *sobs*


Anonymous alaina said...

now are these happy pills that are kicking your butt??? I hate how those made me feel especially when I got off mine...and is this Dante we're talking about that's leaving??? Hope not!

So, you'll be getting a visitor next Fri - my Thurs class was cancelled so I'm coming home Thurs afternoon. I'll bring by lunch Fri! I have some baby shower ideas I want to run by you :-) Hope you have a fabulous rest of your Thurs!

4:56 PM

Anonymous judy said...

Your longest running gig? Is that the people who bounced the check or someone else. Gotta go now, I've got ads to click on.

5:21 PM


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