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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's 10 minutes to 10 o'clock PM....

....and this is the first time I'm sitting down sans a baby in my lap. Somehow, I don't think it's entirely the medicine that makes me tired.

....So I took my Zoobook Michael's coupon and bought some new pens tonight. Took the price from 15.99 to under 10, so i'm not upset at shelling out the cash. I hope that with my new pens and my new book "Love Your Handwriting" by Heidi Swapp, a scrapbooking guru, that I'll love my handwriting. It's not awful, but I don't love it. I'll let you know if I change my feelings.

....I also filled my van. Sorry to those of you with bigger vehicles, as I know you pay more than the 38.00 I shelled out. Makes me wanna cry, that does.

....Now that the State of the Union address, and the wonderment that occurred while GW was there giving his speech was compared to that of British antics, I fully realize how very shallow a life I lead, as I know nothing about what Tony Blair and the chaps of Parliament get into....I must find a way to have more worldly knowledge, though I daresay that this would only increase my royalty as Queen of Useless Facts. Do toddlers care whether Parliament is at times like a zoo? No, they just wonder where the hell the lunch lady is at 11:00. Sorry to my UK buddies that I don't know more about you all!

....ok, I'm off to shower and to perhaps read a bit before I hit the hay, gearing up for another 11 1/2 hour day tomorrow with the animals at the Zoo.


Anonymous Judy said...

I also have the heii Swapp handwriting book. I had GREAT intentions, but have not used it yet. And I filled my van gas tank yesterday, too. We have so much in common, we may be psychic twins.

8:10 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

Steph, you SO don't lead a shallow life...and if it will make you feel better, google Tony Blair and Parliament and I'll do the same :-)

And god, that handwriting book would SOOO make me realize how horrible mine is. I should be a doctor with my horrible chicken scratches!

Hope you have an easier day today!

9:37 AM

Blogger Katie said...

I love your handwriting, silly girl!

The State of the Union was last night? Oops, I missed it.

I also received the book, thanks! I'll put your books in the mail tomorrow. I also need to mail a bottle of salad dressing to my sister-in-law (long story). hehe

10:00 AM


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