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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Only 2 day to go....

....and then I can hang out with Alaina! :) She's my sis-in-law, who's a big ol' law student and will be taking the bar this July! (and then I will be reeeaaally good to her, cos she'll pass with flying colors and get a job that pays much fatter cash than keeping the zoo!) See, Nain? How's THAT for props? Now go clicking! ;)

....Not too bad a day here at the Zoo. Though I daresay that six kids extra is getting to be a bit scary! :-S It's only when the newborn is thrown in that I get a little stressed out.....oh, and when one of the almost-two-year-olds (who happens to look like she's about four!) gets on the counter (which hasn't happened today...yet...). Griffin did bite Dante, though, which makes me sad. I think that Dante was trying to take back the stroller (which was his, but Griffin was borrowing at the moment), and Griffin was a bit pissed off about it. Damn.....see? Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY ask me whether Griffin's stopped biting...cos it was only the other day, and I told them "I'm not saying that it's stopped, but it's been a while.".... see...fodder for Griffin to pull another stunt. *sigh*

....We took the twins to the library last night. I caught up with a friend I'd not seen in a while. She was there with her two boys. We sat musing about the fact that our second/second and third kids are so much rowdier than the first one. Erin and Griffin did pretty well with the library, and I got all paid up in fines, and took out more books (in order to be able to fund the library with more money when I forget to turn them in three weeks from now).

How's everyone else?


Anonymous Judy said...

Thanks for paying your library fines. Now they can buy more books ofr me to check out!

Also, i do want to read The Good Earth. I'll passs it back to you when I am done.

2:18 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

Whoo-hoo! Gracias for the props - and just for that, I clicked on all four ads for you. I especially enjoyed the one about modular office buildings. I was thinking the other day how great it would be to order one of those...and now i know where! Do they get your ad ideas off stuff in your blog? B/c that one made me laugh...

2 days and I'll come visit! Just gotta make it through the rest of my classes this evening, and then I have a couple days where I'm not doing shit! Yes, shit. :-) Later!

2:24 PM


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