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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Getting My Butt Kicked, No More Elmo, and other things...

...OK, so the kids have totally kept me on my toes today. So far today, we've eaten twice (breakfast and lunch), colored Dora Princess coloring pages, played with puzzles, and drew on the chalkboard. We've broken the chalkboard, we've broken a puzzle and have strewn the pieces about the house, and colored on various surfaces around the daycare (excluding walls, thankfully). The twins have decided to finally sleep (put them down an hour ago), and the only thing I've eaten today is a bunch of Valentine's Day candy. *sigh*

...So we went Krogering the other night, and found some Pamper's Easy-Ups, Pamper's version of the Pull-Up, on sale. So we bought a few packages. Well, Sesame Street characters can be found on pretty much anything that has to do with Pampers these days. So they have Elmo on them. Erin was happy to have Elmo panties, but Griffin REFUSED to put on Elmo undies, preferring to have his Bugs Bunny undies instead. These would be the White Cloud version of the Pull-Ups, which would be like sandpaper in comparison to the Pampers! So, in this house where "Elmy!" used to be screamed, we're finding a lack of love where Elmo is concerned. *sigh*

...So I have a dentist appointment today. I feel like I'm always going to the damn doctor for something or other. Today, it's to get two teeth sealed. Apparently, they're not bad enough for fillings, so this is more of a preventative thing. The sealants are cheaper than fillings, so here we are, paying out of pocket for sealants. Because we don't have insurance, though it wouldn't have been covered under insurance anyway....*raises eyebrows at the irony of failing to cover preventative treatments*


Blogger novaks8 said...

What is the deal with having the characters all over the diapers anyway?
I wonder who pays whom to get that advertising?

My girls rarely watch Sesame Street.It's so sad, they probably couldn't even name half the characters.

When I was a kid...Sesame Street was all we had!
Mr Rogers...Bill Cosby...and Captain Kangaroo.

1:18 PM

Anonymous Just tell'n it like it is said...

When I was a kid we didn't have diapers, we didn't have television, we learned at a very early age to high-tail it to the outhouse and do our business. Hell we would have loved to have sandpaper to wipe with, we used corncobs or dried leaves.

4:00 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

WTF!! I had to go to Michaels to get some Xyron refills which are on sale 40% off this week. All sold out of what I need! How does this happen? I didn't know I needed to be one of the first people there to get my needs fulfilled. Damn. Now I have to try to find time to go to castleton to go to Michaels there. Think Mrs Foster and Mrs Ferry would mind if I called tomorrw. "Uh, I can't volunteer today...I need to get some crafting supplies..."

Is Dante still around or gone already?

4:51 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

I just spent 30 minutes going up and down and up and down the toy aisles at Target...couldn't figure out what to get so I just picked something after so long. Man, I'm a horrible aunt not to know my niece and nephew that well, aren't I? Oh well...must go order chinese...screw cooking tonight!

5:21 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Good luck at the dentist!

5:25 PM

Blogger Kari said...

Funny about the sesame street deal with diapers. Thats how I get Olivia excited about getting her diaper changed. "Who is on your diaper?" And then she sees and we sing a song or talk about the character. The crazy things I swore Id never do!

10:25 PM


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