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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


....I keep feeling like I'm ignoring Judy's questions and requests.... so here are some of her unanswered prayers....
1. My Mary Kay lady. She'll even ship for free. So, go forth, and buy. I love the stuff personally, but know that selling things isn't for me. But I'll give you my recommendation on this shit. I lurve it! About a year or better ago, I started complaining about getting fine lines about my eyes.... well, not so much anymore, since i started using all their stuff! :) So if I can look like I'm 17 until I'm 60, that will be just groovy with me. ;)
2. Dante's parents actually gave me a two week notice, so their last day will be February 15th. As in next Wednesday. *sobs* I love having Dante about. I'll miss Francesca, too, but am still reeling from figuring out a newborn again. She's cute and snuggly, but she's losing the newborn-type cry. I'm quite sad to not be as big a part of her life as I have been Dante, however. Anyone with any sense of heart will get attached to things they care for longer than a week.
3. Michael's should rot in hell for not having Judy's 850 Xyron refills!

k...that's about it. Sweet dreams, my faithful following! *winks*


Anonymous Judy said...

Thanks for taking time for me. I'll try not to be so nibby with ya in the future.

8:14 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Oh yeah, I keep clicking away for you. How 'bout your other friends? Are they as good to you as I am?

8:16 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

Sigh, I guess I'm going to have to start asking more questions and requests in order to get my special props from you on the blog :-) just kidding - hope you're having a good Wednesday!

1:21 PM

Blogger instamom said...

hey. i love mary kay too, although i have gotten lazy and just buy makeup when i am grocery shopping lately.
also, reading the time-traveler's wife and LOVING it. I think this is my favorite so far of the three i've read. i'm sending the Pact on to another friend today. thanks again

1:41 PM


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