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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Even an Artist Needs Nourishment....

....Aunt Andrea had bought the kids lollipops at the Black Belt Extravaganza. In order to keep two wily toddlers entertained (for what turned out to be four hours!), I had brought along some art supplies. Erin is definitely the artist in our family, with her little leftie-style. The laughter with this girl is never in short supply. Neither are the headaches, but I'll just savor the laughter at this time, thankyouverymuch. hehe


Anonymous Bud Weiser said...

I need some beer for nourishment!

10:21 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

I told you to let that child help you scrap and it will eliminate her need to tear everything in that room apart.
Love the sweater on her! Where did you get that little gem? :D

11:15 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Cuteness! I love how seriously she seems to be taking her art. :)

11:41 AM

Blogger Kari said...

what a cute little girl you have!

12:33 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

Little Erin is the cutest!!! Can't wait to see you guys over Christmas Eve!

5:05 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

4 hours???

Good Lord

You deserve a medal woman.

6:37 PM

Blogger Leann said...

She is SO dang cute!

10:43 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

Did you notice that this month is the two year anniversary of your blog? That's a pretty damn long time! Cause for celebration, eh? Thanks for listening last night - I appreciate it soo much! Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!

11:09 AM

Blogger fl13grl said...

You have the cutest kids! I really enjoyed meeting them...ADORABLE! Hope your friday is hectic free... I woke up late, came to work in my pink polka dot pj's, my checking account is negative (my bank didnt deposit my check into my account correctly) and I am on the verge of a meltodwn. EERRRUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ox...not so cheery tiff today.

ps -no worries. i put money in my acct. to cover the check i wrote you.

12:40 PM


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