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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Points To Ponder.....

....While reading my Sitemeter, I've discovered that many of the "referral pages" are none other than from Katie. (I'll wait while you click around on her site, paying careful attention to the Google Ads...she has five kids, you know) So, does this mean that there are several of you out there who are not leaving me comments when you drop by, or does Katie herself visit my blog 50 times a day? HMMM??? Comments please....I am a comment whore....Speaking of whores, we shall visit this topic later on in my Points to Ponder. The second topic is the little piece of information that you probably don't care to know but I will tell you anyway....Did you know that if you Google "zookeeping" that my blog will be the first to pop up?? (Go ahead, I'll wait some more while you go do it in disbelief....I'm quite patient, you know...I deal with kids all day... 'tis the only way to keep from killing them!) I find it quite amusing to look through Sitemeter, if only to find out from where I'm getting hits and to be sad at all the people not at least telling me hello when they read my personal thoughts. *sigh* But I've had several hits on every thing ranging from "braless nipping pics" (which was soooo not what it sounds like...go ahead, Google it, and you will come across my blog...but it's totally not what you'd think...) to "library pocket calendar." 'Tis quite amusing, I must say...and quite the time waster.

And, coming back to the whore reference....since I just got payment for the last of my commissioned scrapbooking/papercrafting work, does this make me a scrapbook whore?? Aaron has said as much. And what's funny is that I lost my "virginity" to my best friend (whom-i've-known-since-childhood-calm-down-i-still-love-you-judy), Katie.

Just a few points to make you shake your head at me....again.

(and yes, i really did shit my pants and tell you all about it....keep on shaking your head, cos i'm sure that there is more quirkiness to come...just hopefully not of the "sharting" kind. but, even if it were about shit, wouldn't you still love me??)


Anonymous Judy said...

Now if I find a way to buy something from you, does it make you a step above whore? Maybe a call girl? 'Cuz I can pay you for your Sizzix work for me. And I call you all the time? If I pay a buck, does that make you a professional call girl? I like the title of whore myself. I describe myself as a feminist broad, so make what you want out of THAT!

10:33 AM

Anonymous Holden Mahogg said...

I like the shitting stories best. Can I have some more of those?

10:34 AM

Blogger Katie said...

You are the best, you know! And I'm so honored. hehe

5:03 PM

Blogger Katie said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

5:04 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

I did find you via Ramblings but I have you on my blogroll and link directly from there.

I like your blog because you voice the frustrations we all feel!

7:30 PM


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