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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Happy Birthday, Collin!!

...He's NINE today. NINE years ago, I was in the hospital, with super-high blood pressure, calling my family to get their asses up to the hospital because I was having the baby. So very hard to believe. NINE years ago, I was laughing hard at the thought that I was missing my own baby shower, which had been a surprise until that day. we feasted on Orange Rolls this morning. And Collin will later open a new bike helmet and t-shirt, which I know aren't real birthday presents, but he's opening them anyway, and a Paper Mario game, a few books, and some Yu-Gi-Oh cards. We will also be eating at a restaurant of his choice with Aaron's parents (and sister, perhaps), before Aaron goes back to school for his music concert. Not too shabby of a day, but it would have been nice for Aaron to be home all day. Such is life. *sigh*


Anonymous alaina said...

Happy Birthday to my little buddy! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you guys, but I'll give you guys a call later. Btw, did my card happen to make its way to your house? Sure hope so! But I don't trust the postal service so much :-) Have a good one!

8:57 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy Birthday Collin! Wow, 9! You definitely don't look old enough to have a 9 year old. hehe

9:35 AM

Blogger Nancy said...

Happy Happy Birthday Collin!!!

10:03 AM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...


9:29 PM

Blogger cmhl said...

happy birthday to Collin!!!!

7:42 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Hope he had a fabulous birthday!


2:55 PM


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