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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

On a Crafting Binge.....

....ok, so I have a buddy who thinks that the calendars might not be such a good idea to give. He's a man, and he's an accountant, so what does he know? ;) He won't be getting a Christmas card, either. Which isn't such a far stretch, since I failed to send out all the overseas cards last year anyway. LOL

Speaking of cards, I've got the images stamped and colored for them. Just waiting on the paper to come in so that I can finish them. D-Day is December 1st, methinks.

But yes, this has become quite the crafting binge. I really don't have much left to do for Christmas, and this all really didn't cost me all that much. $30, maybe? Though it cost a whole butt-load of my time. Which is OK, because that is helping to keep me sane. Tough work it is, too. ;)

So since I have so much left over with the paper, methinks I might try and sell these planners on ebay? If it doesn't sell, it doesn't sell, but it might be worth a shot. What's a buck to list when I might recoup some of my scrapbooking money? hehe

Other than the huge craft binge I've been on, which, incidentally might help my recent hand-to-mouth habit of eating, not much is happening here other than retrieving children from various precarious heights.....


Anonymous Judy said...

Jusy because he might not like to receive one, doesn't mean they aren't great gifts. Who cares much about mens opinions?

12:14 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

psh, men, what are they good for?

1:53 PM

Blogger Cath said...

What do men know! I bet they're brill. Make sure you post pics!

2:55 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

no don't post pics! Keep the element of surprise!

3:01 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

don't worry, nain, i've decided to make yours different. ;)

4:00 PM

Anonymous irish gal said...

I will buy one or a few!!! They look perfect for the "hard to buy people!" And i will have to get one for myself also! So i am placing my order Ms. Crafty!! Smile ;) ...Ox...t

7:55 PM


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