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Sunday, November 13, 2005


B.O.H.I.C.A.=military term used for "bend over, here it comes again"

Yes, folks, my mental health has taken a dip again. And this time it's just because my little lovely daughter has taken to destroying everything I own. Scrapbooking supplies, make-up, walls...the list goes on.

That, and I got turned down for that nanny-type position.

Otherwise, it's been a decent weekend. I bought some paper (yes, I know, but someone else I know has it, it's really cool, and damn it, I WANTED it. lol) at Hobby Lobby. It's the "die cuts with a view" brand cardstock. Why so special? It's textured and has a white core, so when you sand it, it looks muy cool! There you have it. A little needed pick-me-up.

I've been churning out my assembly line calendars. I've got all seven sets assembled for the most part. Now comes the fun part of embellishing them. Then I will be enlisting Aaron to help me cover them all with the crescent board that I bought. I figure if I make them right, then people would be able to carry them in their purses (should they not throw them away in disgust first!). I might try listing one on ebay, too, just to see whether it would sell or not. We'll see. It keeps me sane and busy. Idle hands are the devils handiwork, you know. Makes me not eat as much, either.

OK, so there you have it. Go, Colts for the Sunday afternoon! Miami, 1972, baby! LMAO I'm so not a football fan, but to see your hometown team doing so well makes it worthwhile.


Anonymous alaina said...

I'm sorry about Erin destroying stuff and about the nanny position. I guess it wasn't the job for you after all - everything happens for a reason, right? Hope you get to do something lovely for yourself today!

1:26 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Oh, I so feel your pain. Seth has been coloring on his walls, on pictures, on nearly anything and now he colored on a pretty journal I covered with scrapbook paper and used my expensive Xyron stuff on. I made the journal for a friend whose brother was in a near fatal car accident, and he lays in the Wishard Burn Unit at deaths door three weeks later with no legs and a raging infection. I am so pissed. Why can't anything just belong to ME in this darn house?!

3:39 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Read my blog and weep Steph if you wanna hear about nutty kids!
Totally know where you're coming from.
Sorry about the job :(

6:04 PM


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