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Monday, November 14, 2005

A Case of the Mondays....'s not that bad, actually. It's Monday, though, and whoever likes Mondays, anyway?

Nothing much ado at the Zoo today. This weekend was ok. Collin spent the night for the very first time at a friend's house. That was fun for him, and he's bugging me to do it more often now. My baby's growin' up! *sobs*

I worked like a banshee on my calendars this weekend. I've nearly got all (seven) of them ready to bind. It was so much easier just making them assembly-line style. If I do mass produce more, I'll do it differently next time, but do everything on the calendars pretty much the same. I'm debating on whether or not to post my latest creation, as I know for certain one of the recipients reads this thing, and I'm not sure whether she wants ALL of the surprise to be blown...LOL

So I bought this cute little Snowman plate at this open house this weekend....I go up to wash my face and put on some clothes...yes, it's chipped now. *sobs*


Anonymous alaina said...

Man, I have a case of the Mondays too...probably is why I'm sitting downstairs eating a Three Musketeers Bar and drinking a soda at 10:00 in the morning...
If you are talking about me being the person who wants to be surprised, then you are right - an element of surprise would be much appreciated :-) If I am not the person to whom you are referring, then I'm a dumbass so ignore me :-)

10:09 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

oh and I've emailed you this link but I don't know how often you check it - if you need a laugh today go to

1:22 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy Monday to you too! Let's hope Tuesday is nicer to us all.

2:26 PM

Blogger Leann said...

Why is it we always pine for the weekend? I hate Monday's too! And other than the fact that my husband is home all day on the weekend, everyday is pretty much the same, run by the same schedule.

4:54 PM


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