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Friday, November 11, 2005


....I really need to make more of an effort to get more sleep. i am making quite the effort to get these christmas gifts under way, though, so all is not lost, aside from a few hours' sleep. at least i didn't have to get up until about 7:00 this morning! woot! plans for the weekend. aside from what you already know. lol i might go tonight to get some free stuff from my mary kay lady. we'll see. other than that, more of the same. gotta love life. lol


Anonymous Judy said...

Free stuff from Mary Kay?! Did I hear that right. Sounds like a party in the making. How about another stampin' party? Once I get my loaned out stamps back from you, I can invite you over to use them. hee hee

I am tired and I want to go back to bed. But I stripped all the bedding and am washing it. What the hell was I thinking, trying to be productive?

12:30 PM

Anonymous irish gal said...

FREE? wow! that is great! mary kay has some nice eye shadows.. I hope you and the fam have a wonderful weekend!!! Talk to you soon, call if you need to be freed!! :) ox...t

5:09 PM

Blogger Katie said...

You do know it's only November 11th. There are plenty of days until Christmas left. hehe

6:30 PM


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