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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Slowly But Surely.....

....we're coming a long with the potty training. Woot! So far, so good, as we've had a pee each, and it's only 9:30! Woot!

....we're still pooping over the floor, but methinks that this tends to come second. Either way, it's coming along!

....Yes, I know I do look young, for those of you who said as much yesterday. I look like the first "oops" baby, instead of giving BIRTH to the "oops" baby. Well, actually, I gave birth to two "oops" babies, since I was so NOT planning on EVER EVER having twins. (stop laughing, Katie and Greg) ! But yes, I do look young for 28. And I've also had people argue with me over whether Collin was mine or not. Yes, they've actually argued with me. I nearly offered to show them my c-section scar and the stretch marks!

...and Judy, I really do love my rose-colored glasses....too bad they're broken at times. ;)

....anyway, happy Tuesday to all!


Blogger nain said...

How could they argue over whether Collin is yours when he looks like your clone? Seriously, the kid looks just like you!

OH, and keep any eye out in the mail for a little somethin coming your way! :-)

10:00 AM

Blogger Cath said...

No, dont get the scar out Steph, it's bad enough having to look at my own without someone else showing me theres LOL

4:20 PM


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