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Monday, October 17, 2005

An Easier Day.... things have been going ok today. My first kids didn't show up until around 6:30 today, and the next ones didn't come until 8:00! Woot! So five kids total for the day makes a Zookeeper happy. Hell, it barely makes her a Zookeeper! ;)

....I cancelled the Primerica interview for tonight. It's on the south-side of Indy, which is the first negative that there is about the job, and secondly is all the negativity associated with the company.

....In thinking about what I should do, I think that I'm really leaning toward going for the gusto and doing the nanny job, as well as getting a part-time job. Aaron said that maybe I should figure out when I can actually pound the pavement looking for a job, but that would require him being home, wouldn't it? I'm still not sure that getting a mediocre office job would be the ticket to my sanity at this point, either. Why work for peanuts and have someone else spending all their time with my kids when I could do that myself? Plus, there is an advantage of working some 2nd shift-type job (like a waitress, etc). Those jobs are always there, and would afford me the opportunity to actually spend time doing some volunteer work, like PTA, etc.

....Obsessed with this? For the moment, I am. *sigh*

There is no other news on this front. hehe


Blogger cmhl said...

I always thought that having some kind of night job would be the best of both worlds.. you are free during the day w/ the kids, and can tag-team it w/ dh at night.. good luck!!

4:21 PM

Blogger nain said...

yeah you could do girl scouts and volunteer, and when Erin is old enough have her be a girl scout! I loved being a scout :-)

You will find your dream job - patience, grasshopper. :-) PLUS you get to see me on Fri so what more could you ask? :-)

5:56 PM

Blogger seeingdouble said...

I didn't realize you were near Indy! My hubs is from Beech Grove, just south of Indy. Anyway, good luck with the job search, hon... I know it's stressful. Hang in there!

9:50 PM


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