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Monday, September 19, 2005

A Case of the Mondays?

...for one of my little daycare lovelies...not me. I actually am doing ok, despite the incessant crying. I wish she were having a better day, though, as my day would be a lot happier as a result.

Unlike Katie, who's having an Anti-Procrastination Day, I'm having a Try-To-Be-A-Better-Daycare-Provider Day. Which means attempting to do enriching activities with the children. So far we've sung about apples and the calendar. We've colored pictures of apples, using red, green, and yellow markers. And we've watched a lot of Noggin, PBS, and Disney. (I didn't say a perfect daycare provider...just a better one) Why, you ask, don't I take these little lovlies outside? Because it pissed down this morning. *sigh* Am sincerely hoping that it stays dry out so that I can take them all out after nap.

Otherwise, it's just Another Day in Paradise.

What are everyone's aims for today? Anti-Procrastination? Be-A-Better-Daycare-Provider? ;)


Blogger diligent law student said...

Mine is "get through the day without ripping someone's head off" day - not a good mood day for me!

11:09 AM

Blogger fl13grl said...

My goals- To put a smile on my face and to quit day dreaming about my big comfy bed.. Glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend!

1:48 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Send some rain this way, would ya? Good luck with your day!

2:08 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

I must do something about that laundry that has been sorted on my floor for 6 days now. I really willed it to wash itself, but it just hasn't yet! That and actually stay awake while at work. This is most definitely hang-out-on-the-couch-watching-pissed-off-women-on-lifetime weather.

2:34 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Be-a-better-housekeeper-day me thinks!!

4:13 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Awful day today and tomorrow will be worse because I will be alone in the office. So today and tomorrow will be "why me" kind a day...

8:58 PM


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