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Friday, September 16, 2005

Potty Training and Celebrity Marriages....

....ok, so i know that they don't go together, but here are my thoughts and stories....

....potty training.....potty training erin seems to be going fairly well thus far. she peed twice from the point that she got up from nap until about 6:00 pm when they went outside and she requested a diaper. griffin, on the other hand, peed on the floor. he also declined the diaper, but went outside without a peeing in his pants. but...after going outside, we came in and ate dinner. and he let fly. in his booster seat. and then he sat on my lap. yum. THEN..yes, it's not over. not by a long shot. THEN, he peed AND POOPED on HIS TRAIN TABLE!! *sigh*

....celebrity marriages....WTF is up with everyone splitting right now? is it a freaking full moon or something? first brad and jennifer, then renee and kenny...and now tori and whoeverthehellshemarried. so glad that i'm contentedly married to the man of my dreams who so valliantly (sp??) puts up with all my wiggy female and mental issues.


Blogger Cath said...

yea, celebrity marriages suck!!

Like you i'm glad i am (most of the time) happily married to a guy who can put up with me being a bit of a loon!

4:51 AM


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