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Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Restful Weekend.....

....Aside from feeling like a-number-one shit on Saturday, we had a pretty good weekend. I woke up at 7:00 yesterday, which was no fun at all when I went to bed as late/early as I did. I wound up hagning around the house for most of the morning, willing myself to stay awake. I tried to potty train the gruesome twosome some more, but I am not sure that we're yet ready. *sigh* Erin did a good job, but Griffin didn't do so well. Have I mentioned yet that the boy peed and pooped on the train table? Well, he did. Much fun to clean that up...

Well, Saturday afternoon, I met up with a mom at the park so that our kids could play together. I still wasn't feeling too swell, and had even tried laying down before we went. I still had to make a run for the bushes at the park to let fly everything I'd eaten that day. Very nice for the unsuspecting families.

Today I had an even lazier day. I have cleaned the bathrooms (but haven't done the wonderful task of sweeping/mopping and emptying the trash yet. Otherwise, I slept in until 11! Aaron is a wonderful guy. (I'm ready for the scathing comments of those less fortunate...I know that I'm lucky...) I got up and talked to my freshman year college roommate, which was nice. I'd been thinking a lot about her lately, but hadn't had the nerve to call her up (am very bad long-distance friend). She has a four month old son, and he's doing really well. We're going to meet up the first of October, and I'm stoked beyond all belief! After the phone call, I roamed around a bit, shared my breakfast with Erin, and tried to will myself awake and functional. I still feel like shit a bit, but am not as bad off as I was yesterday.

I'm going to go finish cleaning now, while my will is still half-way here. I'm such a layabout slob, I tell ya.


Blogger cmhl said...

you are not as lazy as me, here it is 9:35 on a sunday night, and I STILL haven't cleaned the house. ugh.

9:36 PM

Blogger Aussie Mama said...

You're not a slob Steph, you're wonderful. Now if you want to see a slobs house come and see mine....argh, I need to get one of those reality tv shows to come and help me now, I've really neglected cleaning of late.

11:11 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

The only thing that stands between me and a clean house is money for a maid service! Actually what stands between me and a clean house is the desire to clean it. Ugh!

I want to come over and see your scrapbooking room some time this week. I need you to inspire me.

8:22 AM


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