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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Wee Ones Are Driving Me Crazier Today....

.....I know, I'm already a bit nutty. But the children have gone into "let's push her buttons" mode today and yesterday. Yesterday one of the daycare girlies bit the other one to shreds. Of course, most of these types of incidents take place when I'm doing things that benefit the collective-- Like fixing lunch, changing diapers, or ushering everyone inside from playing.

Other news? There is none. It's more of the same around here, I'm afraid.

I am still curious as to whose everyone's childhood crushes were. Thanks to Elyse Lane Friend and Nain for stepping up to the plate.


Blogger Nancy said...

Ummm hello??? I told you mine too. What, Im not good enough to thank???

6:05 PM


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