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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crazy Kidlets....

So, Aaron decided to buy a big ol' pile of mulch. 9 square yards is quite a bit more than he anticipated, methinks! So we're (he's...what am I talking about! LOL) going to put the rest of the mulch under the playset to give it some cushion. He bought some railroad ties (maybe not, but they're pieces of wood that are square-ish, but rounded off a bit on the corners), and we used re-bar to stake them into the ground. The kids decided that they wanted to help pound the stakes into the ground. Was too funny to see them try to maneuver something that was too heavy for them! :) I took pics, but will have to post them later.

Today, I get to snuggle with some of the daycare kids whose mom is off for the summer. For the most part, that is. She works like eight hours a week, and usually tries to get a high schooler or her cousin to watch them. Well, everyone else was busy, so they get to come here. I really miss the baby, especially....she's 13 months now, and is just as cute as she can be....

Off to yum the babies now... :)


Blogger Katie said...

Uh, I think we used 3 square cubic yards here last summer, I can't imagine what 9 looks like!

2:16 PM

Blogger diligent law student said...

Which baby is this? Kylie? My favorite is little Lily - she's adorable! (But not as cute as the munchkins!)

See you tomorrow night! If you'll have me ;-)

3:54 PM


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