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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm Here!

Whew! I'm all moved in, despite the fact that there are still plenty of unpacked boxes, especially where my bedroom, bathroom, and scrapbook area are concerned. Everywhere else is shaping up nicely, and I'm hoping that I can start actively decorating soon.

The week's been a bit on the awful side, due to a daycare kiddo going aboslutely ballistic on me. She's crying for a better part of the day now, which is tiring at best. I think much of it has to do with the fact that she's in that 12-18 month age, which is very tough from a developmental perspective. I've found that once they can move about fully on their own that they tend to perk up and enjoy themselves more. Or, this could also be solely from a Dante perspective, and I'm in for one hell of a ride. We shall see.

So, the beginning of the week was too fun. Ya gotta love not having some of the issues that some homeowners are so familiar with....such as a chimney...We didn't have one at our old house, and therefore had no idea what to do when the joint started STINKING up the ENTIRE living room....It turns out that there was a nest that got wet and moldy up at the top of the chimney and since the damper was left open (and we didn't know to shut the fucker), the smell was just wafting down and right into the unsuspecting home-owner's nose.... ROFL Ah, well, I got to see a bit of eye-candy (as the chimney-dude wasn't all that bad looking... hehe), and shell out 138 bucks for an inspection. He did tell me that there is a heft piece of screen in the floo, too, so there will be nothing getting down into the chimney and attacking me as I look in the fireplace. ROFLMFAO

The only other bit of news is that Miss Erin has learned to pole vault herself out of her crib....I'm in so much fucking trouble.....


Blogger Katie said...

Welcome back to the internet world! So sorry about the fireplace, that really sucks.

7:39 AM


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