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Friday, June 03, 2005

Today's The Day!!

We're pretty's the day for the bulk of the moving of the big stuff...I think. LOL We'll get the moving truck today, and we'll have it through Saturday. We went last night to pick out rooms. Collin seemed to have troubles figuring out which room he was going to lay claim to. He kept saying "too small", Collin? There are only three rooms to choose from, and if they're all too small for you, then we have some problems! ROFL Too funny.

So after today, I'm thinking that I won't have internet for a whole week. ACK! I just might have to go to the library! ROFL Tell me...what did I do before the internet???


Blogger Nancy said...

So excited for you Steph! Hope all goes smoothly and that Collin found a room "big enough" for him :P

10:28 AM

Blogger Katie said...

LOL about Collin and the rooms. Hope your move is safe and speedy! (And yes, go to the library.)

2:11 PM


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