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Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Fun Saturday.....with some strange happenings....

OK, so today I went to a day at the Close to My Heart lady's house and made a bag book and an altered clipboard. As I have not yet beefed up the batteries to the digicam, I have no piccies to share. So sorry. So she provided snacks for us, as we were there over lunch....well, they were little quiches that you can find at places such as Sam's Club....Those, in combination with the lack of antihisthamnines in my body caused me to feel quite nauseated....I commenced to hurl a bit when I got home. Ack! That, in combination with the fact that Aunt Flo should be in the house soon makes me a fucking nervous wreck! I know for certain that she was in the house when I was on the plane to my granpa's funeral, but not knowing for certain when she'll be here makes me very nervous. Lovanox in the tummy just doesn't sound like fun..... :-S


Blogger Katie said...

The digital camera batteries aren't charged?!?! What kind of scrapbooking mommy are you? ;) Just kidding! Sorry you are feeling pukish, I'm sure Aunt Flo will show up soon. And Happy Father's Day to Aaron!

6:58 AM


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