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Friday, June 17, 2005

Am Looking to Get My Life a Little More On Track....

Ok, so I've done Flylady for a week or so... ROFL. So I'm not sure whether I should try it again or just go ahead and figure out something else. I do know that I want and NEED to become more organized. But the genetics, I feel, have been stacked against me. For anyone who knows me from childhood or that has some history on me, you'll understand. For those of you who might not know....I come from a looooong line of SLOBS. That's right. Outright Slobs. I used to be worse off than I am currently, but I, too, am a slob. I really hate the fact that I am....Am just not sure what to do about it. Not that I'm lazy, especially lately. I truly am busy. I do, however, need to figure out a way to better organize myself and my house.....

.....One thing I have done is to move the computer to the second floor of the house, which makes it off limits while the children are not napping. For anyone who has their computer within arm's reach and really enjoys being on the damn thing, you'll know what kind of distraction it can be to what's really important. Don't get me wrong....everyone was always fed and changed, but kids need someone who's not irritated at them for interrupting their latest game of Literati. LOL So when we moved, I decided to put the computer in the office/scrapbook room, as it should be. The only downside to this is that the only time I can use it is during nap...and if I hit the sofa before getting my fat ass's all over...cos my ass will be napping, too! hehe

I was a good girl and got Aaron Father's Day gifts already...I won't say what they are at this current juncture, as he sometimes reads this damn thing...nothing is sacred anymore! ROFLMFAO But I hope that he'll like them...and I do have to say that Griffin helped...too funny that was.

OK, so I need to hit the hay..for tomorrow, I'm doing something completely for myself....I'm going to the Close to My Heart lady's house to make my first ever bag book and something else (can't remember what it is, though....hehehe). I shall be gone for the better part of the day! woohoo!

And for those of you that are praying sorts, pray that Aunt Flo pays her visit soon....Lovanox shots and me just don't get along really well..... *sigh*


Blogger Katie said...

Good for you going to the Close to my Heart class! The house stuff will get easier as you get into a routine. FlyLady is an extreme version, I can't even keep up with it. hehe

8:36 AM


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