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Wednesday, March 23, 2005


Quite sleepy today at the Zoo. Nothing much going on, but am tired just the same. I think my body's half-way drained from all the female yuckiness going on with me. That, and just being fairly busy each day, with five or more children running at my feet. I love it, but sometimes it's very tiring!

I think I've decided to be my Mary Kay consultant's best customer. I'm a better buyer than seller, and I'm just not ready to make that kind of commitment right now. I do love the ideas of Mary Kay, though, and feel confident that the consultant would be a good match, but right now, I think I better concentrate on being a good Zookeeper and Momma and Wife. Throw too many things into the batch, and it's sure to come up tasting like shit. Sometimes less is more. I've figured out what's wrong with my's the cream-to-powder foundations that get me. If I use regular foundations and powder, I have much better luck. Not to say that some mascaras aren't going to give me the same result as the cream-to-powder foundations! But I tried on the cheapy Cover Girl make-up that I bought a while back (um, because it was $4.00 for both foundation and powder... LOL), and it gave me no problems whatsoever. I was careful to avoid most of my eye area, and it did the trick! I know that Aaron likes the way I look with make-up, and will put some on to make him like this hot mamma even better. Not that I'm not semi-happy with how I look without it, but earning brownie points with the husband never hurts, either. ;)


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