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Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm dreaming of Hawaii..... really have me thinking....could we pretend I'm your sister-in-law and get me a flight over to Hawaii to visit? ;)

I really need a vacation. After all this sickness, I really need some time off that doesn't include a trip to the gyno. Although, once we get me figured out and back in the saddle, someone in my family better get fixed so that my time off doesn't include a trip to the OB, too.... ROFL

Anyway, Erin threw up in the morning and at lunch yesterday....a temp kid threw up yesterday all day and was grumpy as hell....and I have Dante sick today....and Michael stayed home puking. Oh, and don't forget that Griffin threw up in the car on the way to dinner last night, forcing us to not go to the Red Onion and get tenderloin sandwhiches as big as our heads, but instead to go to the McD's drive thru. Oh, and dont' forget that they stiffed me two of the ten chicken nuggets that I was supposed to get! (see my streak of luck, here, folks??)

So, I'm dreaming of black sands (that gonna be near you, Gina?? I think those are in Hawaii...), and getting one killer tan......

..............................I'd settle for some time off at this point, tho.

I'm hoping that I'll be in a better mood soon. If anyone wants to come visit me to make me feel better my address is 666 Puke Lane, the state of Insanity.


Blogger Momma Monkey said...

Steph, I was serious, I'd love to have you visit once we move !

You can get tickets at a discount and while I cannot promis a childfree zone (there is Felix you know) it might make a very nice vacation !!

3:27 PM


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