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Friday, June 18, 2004

woohoo! it's friday! and it's been a pretty good day so far....aside from the fact that miss erin won't take a nap! i really am having a difficult time keeping their schedules at a manageable they like to take a nap in the morning, but i'll be damned if they'll lay down when everyone else's taking a nap!! *pout*

i'm really excited. my friend andrea and i started a new premature baby forum! andrea did all the work to get it set up....i feel bad about that, but she did a very good job! we're excited to have this new start! it's wonderful to be able to connect with a wonderful group of people who have gone through so many similar things as i have with parenting. so far we've had six other people other than ourselves join the forum! i'm really happy about this! :)

i'm excited about the weekend. tonight i have an interview with a pregnant mother, and friend of gage's mom. she wants someone two days a week for her girl in the fall. this makes me a bit nervous, but i think that everything will be fine, should she choose us. i would really like to get another kiddo gage's age to watch as well.

it looks like tomorrow will be spent working on aaron's father's day album. i have selected some photographs to use, and spent some time last night looking for quotes to use with it as well. i really hope that he likes this! :)

and sunday we will go to aaron's parents' house to celebrate father's day. aaron's mom bought his dad a bike for a father's day/anniversary present. he has been having problems with his feet and can no longer run anymore. i hate that for him, as he used to run races and everything. but hopefully this will help keep him in shape.

nothing much new to report. i need to go look for more quotes to use in aaron's album!


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