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Sunday, June 13, 2004

today has been decent so far. the babies are off their schedule, but it could be worse, eh?

last night my sis-in-law came over and we made cards for a card swap we're in. i feel so rejuvenated with scrapbooking now that i did those cards!! i want to hide out in my closet and scrap the day away. hopefully i'll get the chance to do some either today or tonight. we still haven't made up our mind what we want to do today.

my good friend rebecca bought the babies new swimsuits. erin is now the proud owner of a two piece! LOL she struts around the sprinkler park like she's big stuff! i can't wait until i can get some good pics of her in it to show off. she's too hysterical! she's so tiny still, but has been getting a little potbelly from eating so much lately. so, from the back, she's totally cute, with a teeny little bottom and back. from the front, she's a potbelly with her strawberry hanging out. she's still as cute as she can be, but it's definitely humorous!

griffin, on the other hand, is a bit more like collin. he's very apprehensive of the water, and takes a longer time to get used to it. he's still a bit more daring than collin, but he's definitely not as brave as erin!

i'll definitely take the camera next time i go to the sprinkler park!!


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