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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

life has been pretty much standard around here. nothing much new going on at all. but sometimes this is a really good thing! LOL

i have made some plans that i'm getting excited about, so i guess that there is something new! LOL i have a few online friends, of whom i live in the middle. one's near cincinnati, and one's near chicago. well....the girl near cincy's going to meet up with me here and we're going to drive to chicago to meet her! i've never seen either of them face-to-face, but talk with them nearly every day, so i'm really excited to meet them and their children! we all have a lot in common, and get along very well online, so i'm really excited to meet them in person! we met on the preemie forum...their kids are older than mine, so it's always reassuring to see older preemies. i'm very excited to have this to look forward to!


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