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Wednesday, June 09, 2004

feeling a bit back to normal today. i'm still a little stressed out.....for as bad as it sounds, i would really like a break from my family...i think i would be a better mommy and wife if i did. and, the fact that aaron will have thursday and friday as a break, and then turn around and have another six day break in july kind of makes me a teensy-weensy bit jealous....i have to admit it...i'm really jealous. i want to do something like that. even if i took a week off at this point, i would still have to be with my own children.

i suppose i really should give up the nursing, but i don't want to really do that either. perhaps the title of my post should be "on having my cake and eating it, too"....i don't want to give up the nursing...i don't feel that any of the three of us are ready yet. i want to be able to comfort and provide for them in that way still. and i think the WHO would support me on this! ;) did you know that they recommend nursing until age THREE??? not sure i want to give it that long, but i'm thinking two is a good possibility. i know this might sound odd, but i really think that trying to go that long will be ok. if they should happen to not want to nurse until then, so be it, but i will open to nursing until then...and, gasp! perhaps longer. we'll see.

i actually cropped some pics this morning, and tried to plan out a few pages. i'm hoping to get to it sometime soon. i would really love to get a few more pages in the 2001 album done...perhaps all of them. i really NEED to start on the babies' albums, as they are now (well, in two days at any rate) sixteen months old, and i've done nada, aside from collect stuff for it. i have all kinds of pastels and bright papers for when i do get started! and most of it matches!! LOL..i swore i wouldn't do that, but here i am! tee hee

ok...novel for today should cease. i'm sure all of you are bored to tears now. feel free to post comments on how much of sorry girl i've become! LOL

Looking for quote on trains for a scrapbook page. I found this very good quote. I always need to find a perspective on things when Zookeeping! ;) and those germans always have a point, now that their free from hitler! ;)
He who has a why to live can bear almost any how. ~Friedrich Nietzsche


Blogger Chris said...

No way sorry girl...keeep the blog coming! {{{Steph}}} :)

8:02 PM

Blogger ~Shez~ said...

I know that "need a break" feeling - you need to give your babies to your man for a day (or weekend) and go for a crop, or a day out with your girlfriends. I spend so much time with babies I'm worried I won't know how to talk to "adults" soon. LOL!

2:40 AM


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