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Monday, June 07, 2004


i think i go in big spurts of being over the's feat was to clean the baseboards in the kitchen with a toothbrush and to sweep and mop the broad daylight....on a WEEKDAY.

i also cleaned my scrap small feat, as i've managed to cram more things than should ever fit into a three by six by six space in a closet! LOL don't get me wrong....i love my scrapbooking stuff...but it really sucks when i go through phases of being less than orderly!

soo....hopefully i'll stay on the wagon for a while and get everything cleaned up again....i've some chores left over from yesterday, but tomorrow's a leaving prints day, so hopefully i'll get some stuff done then.

here's hoping i get a newsletter out by tomorrow night! was supposed to have it done by tonight (according to myself! LOL), and it didn't get done.....need to put flylady in the middle of my leaving prints work! hehehe

roll wagon, roll!!!!


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