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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

today was a fairly good day...i got a bit of what the english would call a 'lie-in'....gotta love that, even if it was only until twenty past seven! LOL will get it tomorrow, too! :)

then griffin got a really freaking nasty bite from gage....i just don't know what to do with the's getting way out of hand! :(

my poor jan is finding it harder and harder to be a part-time single mom... :( her boys are rotten to the core, and her oldest is manipulative....i hope that she can get things sorted out, because it's hard for me to see her so unhappy! :( some of it is that she's given into him for so long, but sometimes i worry that her oldest has some problems...hopefully it will get sorted out...

we went on a picnic with aaron's parents today. it was fun...poor dante was in a fleece outfit! LOL so i got him naked, because the poor dear was very warm....the kids all slept pretty well this afternoon, so that was good for me! i got caught up with some of my NICU mom friends, so that's always good for my heart! :)

i took the kids out to play in the neighbor's sprinkler...they were funny...erin just loves the water and went right in...the older boys 'convinced' him to go in, and he wound up sobbing his fool head off! :( poor boy....he's just like his older brother sometimes! then we gave the babies spaghetti for supper (always give them sloppy stuff on nights when we're bathing them! LOL) and they took showers with me....i'm getting spiders again, and was greeted by one in the shower! :( HATE spiders!!

anyway, now i'm off to wal-mart to buy whole milk and condoms! LOL


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