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Sunday, June 20, 2004

happy father's day to all the fathers out there! i hope that aaron had a good day. i am not much of a wife and mother, as he did the cooking for breakfast this morning! LOL he makes better sunday breakfasts than i do, and besides...i was so wiped out from being up until midnight doing his father's day album! whew! it would have been easier to do if he were out of the house a little more. i waited until the last minute, but it's very hard to keep anything a secret around here! LOL at any rate, i will post a pic of the album when i get the chance. i'm quite proud of it, as i've never actually made a book myself before. he liked it, so it was worth it! :)

so, to sum up the weekend, i spent most of it working on his album....nearly all day yesterday! and today we went to aaron's parents' house for a cookout. aaron's mom bought his dad a bike for a father's day/anniversary present, and she kept it at our house for a few days so aaron's dad would be surprised. and he was surprised, so she was happy about that. the rest of the day was spent lounging around a bit and taking care of babies. i did whip up a batches of rice krispie treats and toll house bars to take for the cookout! :) quite the little betty crocker i've become sometimes! LMAO

tonight i am watching gage so that jill can go to the dave matthews concert with her friend jennifer. i think they will have fun! gage was not excited about spending the night with me at first, but warmed up after jill left, giving me snuggles of his own free will! :) love gage lovin's! :D

the kids have been a bit under the weather recently....i hate it when they get the sniffles. i always worry that the other shoe will drop and we'll wind up back in the's not an all-consuming fear, but it's always in the back of my mind.

anyway, off to watch toy story and put erin and collin down for the night. probably will involve some harry potter reading, too!


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