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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

this week has been interesting to say the very least. some good some bad, but i will concentrate on the good things right now! :)

monday was absolutely fab! i went to the dave matthews band concert with jill, gage's mom, as a sort of thank you for extra watching.....well...we left, and it was starting to sprinkle....we go to the venue, and it was starting to piss down we decided that whatever happens, we were going to make our own fun! we get patted down and hand our tickets to the girl to scan, and she asks jill "how many people in your party?" jill says "2"..."see that man behind me" the lady we are looking at eachother as if to say: "what the hell did we do? we've not even been inside yet!" the guy asks us "how many people in your party?" "two" we repeat...."how would you like to sit in the pavillion tonight?" "of course," we say! he gave us tickets to sit in the pavillion....and they weren't just tickets in the farthest point....we were 27 rows from the stage! was absolutely fab!

tuesday my parents dropped my youngest brother, joshua, off at the airport so he could go to honduras on a missions trip. they then came up to see us for a bit. was nice to see them. i don't get to see them often because they live three hours away from me. i have missed so much of my little brothers' growing up....that makes me sad, but it would also be really tough on me to live much nearer to them. when dysfunction rears its ugly head, it's hard for me to keep my nose out! LOL

but it has been a good few days nonetheless. now i need to hop back on the flylady wagon, and clean stuff up a bit...i have half-finished projects lying about.... for which i am queen! :)


Blogger ~Shez~ said...

Glad you've had a good week so far, and what luck - getting to sit in the pavillion (and not get wet! LOL). Good luck with FLY-ing... I'm no good at that 15-minutes-at-a-time thing. I'm an all-or-nothing kinda girl. LOL

11:13 AM


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