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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

On having a Girl in the House.........

boy, oh boy, am i really glad that erin will (probably) not have any sisters!! i can't even begin to imagine the mayhem life would be! hehe

erin's always been the girl with her own agenda. in the nicu, she was the 'no-touch' baby, displaying her anger at being messed with by holding her breath, causing alarms to go off and nurses to come running.

these days, her anger is displayed on a much more vocal level. i'm glad that we do not drink out of glass cups....because they would all be broken with the decibals and pitch that her little voice takes on when pissed off royally!

and...she's conniving already. this morning i finally realized how things work. all this time i thought that griffin was the mean brute, taking toys away from his little sister. boy, was i ever wrong!

it actually goes like this: erin has toy. erin thinks her toy is the best. erin waves toy in front of griffin with a very smug aire. griffin takes wonderful toy. erin screams bloody murder.
this is where it stops from this day forward. this is how the sequence of events used to go: griffin is reprimanded. mom gives toy back to erin and commences with the duties that she was called away from due to said infraction of sharing rules. erin starts screaming bloody murder again. mom realizses that erin has given griffin back the toy, but now wants it back.

i'm in trouble on so many levels here! at least i had three brothers and know how a lone girl works. sheesh!


Blogger ~Shez~ said...

Gotta love kids! LOL!
My Katie is 4 and Adam is 2 and they're at the point right now where Adam is happy to share.... but Katie is only happy to share Adam's toys. Woe betide him if he touches hers.
Try telling a 4yo that "if you can play with his toys then he can play with yours" She just doesn't (or won't) get it.
I'd like to think it gets better as they get older but my sisters in law are in their 20's and still fighting.... except it's Make-up, clothes and jewellery now, not just toys.

10:06 AM


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