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Sunday, June 06, 2004

the weekend has been decent so far. aaron had class again yesterday...we only have until october before he's completely done! woohoo!!! so the morning was spent lounging around and taking care of the kidlets. i took collin to michael's to do the kiddo craft project. we are now happy owners of a fuzzy poster with a multi-colored moon on it. he did a really good job! :) after that, we went to taco bell to pick up lunch, where we came back and ate with rebecca. we then played around with paper clay and shrinky dinks to see what kind of fun things we could come up with for rebecca's card swap that's taking place later this month. i'm excited about it. i wound up not using the shrinky dinks (i don't think that the sizzix likes shrink plastic all that well....), but opted to use the confetti die i bought and make many colors of confetti to use with the card. will post when finished! :)

i went to see harry potter 3 with the big boy last night. i have to admit, i wasn't impressed! the first two did so much better with sticking to the book and did a much better job at explaining the plot. had i not just read the book, i would have been a little lost....oh, well. it was fun to go on a date with just collin. we bought the big-ass bucket o'popcorn, two big drinks (i even let him drink.....caffiene!!), and got some starburst. it was a fun time.

today i cantored at church. funny...people still look at me like i've three heads when i tell them that collin is my son and that i've two more at home, and a husband....."aren't you in high school?" they ask...." know." i respond. it's pretty funny! i actually had someone argue with me once at the mcdonald's counter! "surely you're his big did not just say mom!" the person behind the counter said. "no...he's mine...i've the stretch marks to prove it! and we've another baby on the way!" i say. oh, well. perhaps i should hawk off some miracle's called no shower for a few days of the week! hehe

griffin, i've decided, will be my musician. we sing the ABC's to him, and he really tries to sing it back. it's really cute! i also have this bucket o'instruments from the daycare that they play with. griffin and erin both have figured out the kazoo already! :) they know that they have to vocalize into it before it will make noise.....don't worry...they've all the standard horns and whistles down pat, too! hehe

i love being a mommy!


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