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Tuesday, June 01, 2004

back to the grind....not too bad, but busy nonetheless. today, i tried to teach the two year-old the color red. he knows his shapes, but has a hard time with the colors. i also tried to teach him that it's not nice to pinch, hit, or kick. we'll see how the learning goes on either of those. all efforts as of late seem to be for not, really.

i'm trying to figure out my ruddy scanner. it scans things totally off-color. anyone have any ideas? it seems to happen most with metal embellishments on the scrapbook pages i'm going to try and hawk off on ebay.....let me know if you have any ideas.

the babies were a bit sick this weekend. i think it might be allergies, but who knows. they are still doing very well considering they were so incredibly little at birth, but i still worry like a maniac. that all goes with being a mommy, i suppose.

check out griffin's latest feat.....i really do have monkeys on my hands! LOL

i know i'm in trouble.


Blogger ~Shez~ said...

LOL at teaching them colours - my 2yo thinks everyting is Blue or Yellow. When I want to impress someone I bring out a yellow building block and ask him what colour it is, Never fails. 'Course if you pick up a green one I'm in trouble ;)

And BTW - Metal will always scan black... try taking a digi photo of it instead.

2:41 AM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

thanks for letting me know...i was beginning to feel like a real shite babysitter! ;)

i will have to see about getting digi pics of the album....really want to hawk it off on ebay! hehehe

11:07 AM


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